Corflute signs are an excellent signage solution for short term use or building sites
Signage plays an important role inside all industries, sometimes its only needed for temporary use

Corflute corrugated plastic signs are the most popular form of temporary signage that we manufacture for a range of needs.

These signs are a low-cost option that get less expensive the more you order, which makes them perfect for events, elections and building sites. They’re also very popular among real estate agencies. Our Corflute signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

We make them using weather-resistant materials and in a lightweight format.

If you wish to order some corflute signs, you can upload your artwork on our website and complete the contact information and we’ll get back to you with a quote to approve and get them on the print run for you.

Our service is reliable, efficient and fast!


Some of the leading brands relying on Signs By Us for all their signage needs include:


Our team will work with you from initial consultation and design, right through to the finished product printing and installation.
We can help you truly make a statement with this large-scale signage. The best part of this type of signage is the varied design and material options available to you.
3D Lightboxes
Lightbox signs, similar to LED signs, are uniquely effective in brand advertising. They draw attention to your business no matter the time of day or night.
The team at Signs By Us can put your eye-catching message or company logo onto any vehicle. Whether parked or moving, you’ll be seen anywhere you go!

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